About us

X-WATERS -Extraordinary open water swimming challenges.
12 swims in 6 countries in 2019.

We help people expand their limits and feel awesome.
To enjoy overcoming yourself.
To embrace goal and meaning.
To be an example.
To find friends.
To make dreams true.
To stay fit.
To travel with meaning.
To get regular legal adrenaline dozes.

You can't even imagine how we enjoy that!

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Environment and social responsibility
Back to the water

Humans just like all living creatures, once came out of water. Water can be a source of strength and health for us. But in most places where we live, we are cut off from the water, even when it is near. Rivers are suppressed by industrial zones, concrete walls and wastelands, and the beaches turn into waste dumps. Many people do not even know where to swim near their houses.

The objectives of the initiative: Attract public attention to the problems of water bodies and ways to solve them; set an example of how to live in harmony with water today; build a responsible attitude of people to their own habitat.

Plastic Free

We launched this project in Austria in 2018, and we intend to expand it for the entire series.

Project goals: draw people's attention to the problem of environmental pollution with non-degradable garbage; develop new environmental habits and standards for doing business that creates less stress on the ecosystem.


is a social project that we are supporting since last year. It allows anyone to create a "deed" and dedicate it to solving a specific social problem, for example, helping a sick child or a disabled person. Thus, for example, funds were raised for the participation of children with disabilities in the World Swimming Championship in Mexico.

Our team
Alexander Bazanov



Chief Design and Web Officer

Designer, Traveler, triathlete a little, runner, rider and happy father

Marat Bogdalov

GR Director and the Technical organization of the competitions

Swimmer, runner, traveler, organizer.

Evgenii Drozdovskii

Official representative of X-WATERS in North –West of Russia.

Like swimming, ultra-running, a good parachutist, ironman. The son of my mother, the father of two awesome children and a faithful husband.

Olga Bazanova

Вдохновитель вдохновителя и самый скромный человек в команде 🙂

Alla Bogdalova


I do everything what I love
I love everything what I do

Ilya Tarkhanov

Оператор водоплавающий

Maria Barinova

Partner relations specialist