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It was just my second start in open water, but all along I involuntarily paid attention to the sincerity and professionalism of the organizers, the general atmosphere. And even the forced cuts in distances and changes in the tracks, thanks to the timely notification and human attitude of the orgies to the swimmers, could not spoil the holiday. Water and everything-everything there were very warm and cool! Thanks to my favorite coach and friends from #mevis for dragging me into all this, #xwaters for a sea of impressions and cool medals, and @maria.shalneva for a cool photo - now I have something to boast of! It seems to me, I had a good celebration of one year since the day I started learning to swim. I improved my personal time - #seligerswim was a success!
Graz, Austria
Ice Swimmer, Executive Director International Biathlon Union I participated at the first Arctic Swim in August 2017 I expected an adventure and I got a really impressive Open water competition at Gods forgotten land. With a really beautiful nature and a wonderful sea. with a watertemperature of about 8° it was perfect to have an amazing neoprenswim in cold water in the mid of summer. It was a really great experience in the family of X-waters.
St. Petersburg
The more you wait for something, the faster it passes. The trip to #SeligerSwim was like a mini vacation! Over the weekend we drove 1300 km, and I swam about the same number in meters. In the first photo, it's the first try of water, which is very fresh, on the second one, I seem to picture the size of the catfish in the local ponds, and then the finish corridor, our glade with a samovar, the pre-start briefing and the actual swim. I'm the 20th out of 77 finishers and 11th in my age group (30-39 years). Eh, if I only knew I would have pushed myself to get into top 10. It was cool!)
St. Petersburg
A special super respect to the organizers of the competitions - @x_waters. Everything was organized at the highest level and with all their heart. Well done. And thank you @head_swimming_russia for excellent ammunition. Without it, this swim would hardly be possible
Nizhny Novgorod
I've had just three starts with # xwaters for now: 1 km at Volga Swim 2016, 3 km at STADA Volga Swim 2017 and a shortened mile at Seliger Swim 2017. But I'm not going to stop. It was the first crossing of the Volga when my passion for swimming really began. I liked swimming before, but as it turned out, it was quite another swim. And here, too, I was helped by the inspirer of the project #xwaters Alexander Bazanov, swimming coach in combination. I learned the first basics of crawl at his seminar, for which I would like to thank him specially. I'm planning to improve my results at to join all the swims of #xwaters series!
St. Petersburg
I do not want to let this summer go for the first time in my life, there were so many emotions that I was sometimes ashamed that they were all mine. Sometimes I think you need to dream of madness. Then, when they happen, nothing surprises you, but you just enjoy the process itself. When I swam the Volga, I really thought that I was an idiot that registered for 5 km, even with the current, it was very adrenaline. The Volga wins in my mind among all starts in 2017 summer. I will remember it for a long time!
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