Чемпионат Мира

X-WATERS World Championship

Find out what you can do. Find your place among ten thousand of swimmers. Try to become a world champion!

— In the X-WATERS Championship, the strongest swimmers are determined by the results of all season swims.
— Everyone who finished at least once, participates.
— Every participant gets prize points for each start. The final standings include the 5 best results of a swimmer in the season.
— Winners of the season are determined by the amount of points scored after the final swim of the season.
— TOP-100 swimmers of the year will be forever in X-WATERS Hall of fame and receive premium gold caps of the TOP 100 as a gift!



X-WATERS Cold League

Starting from this year we’re organizing special rating for those who like cooler water, unusual travelling and small competitions. We called them the Cold League.

The Cold League 2023 will include:

X-WATERS Imandra 2023 — July, 8
X-WATERS Baikal 2023 — July, 11-16
X-WATERS Yenisei 2023 — July, 29
X-WATERS Arctic 2023 — August, 5-6

Taking part in any of these competitions, you automatically take part in the Cold League. The best three results obtained at the League starts will go into the Cup standings (or less if there are no three). Winners will be the three men and three women with the highest point totals. Points are calculated according to the standard formula of the X-WATERS Championship.

In the general championship the participant of the League also participates on a common basis.
At the end of the season, there will be a separate awarding ceremony for the winners of the Cold League Cup as part of the annual summing-up ceremony of the Championship.

Points formula


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Surname Name
X-WATERS Moscow 2023
X-WATERS Murom 2023
X-WATERS Ufa 2023
X-WATERS Seliger 2023
X-WATERS Imandra 2023
X-WATERS Ural 2023
X-WATERS Ugra 2023
X-WATERS Baikal 2023
X-WATERS Volga 2023
X-WATERS Yenisei 2023
X-WATERS Bannoye 2023
X-WATERS Arctic 2023
X-WATERS Saint Petersburg 2023
X-WATERS Samara 181
X-WATERS Slovenia 2023
X-WATERS Vladivostok 2023
X-WATERS Обними Россию 2023
X-WATERS Kaliningrad 2023
X-WATERS Montenegro 2023
X-WATERS Nuclear 2023
X-WATERS Malta 2023
X-WATERS Belgrade 2023
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Points formula
R=1000xBPT/PT +DB+CB

PT - participant's time in seconds

BPT - best participant time, same sex, same distance, in seconds

DB - distance bonus

Distance <10 km - DB = 0
Distance ≥10 km - DB = 25
Distance ≥20 km - DB = 50

CB - competition bonus. How many participants were overtaken.

<100 participants at a distance - CB=0
≥100 participants at a distance - CB =25
≥300 participants at a distance - CB =50

The final standings include the 5 best results of a swimmer in the season. If a swimmer has participated in less than five starts, then all results are counted. Now two results can be taken into the final standings from one start.

New rules come into force in 2023.