самый крутой



Gift card of the required value. The presentee can use it for any swim in the series and for additional products and services on our web-site.
The ultimate gift of Life, the Universe and Everything - a certificate from intergalactic X-Waters swim series!

Don't panic!
Such surprise will never be forgotten!


The gift card is not that simple. Everything is much more interesting! The amount will be sent to the presentee's personal account in X-Coins, that's internal currency..

Choose the sum for your giftcard:

My amount * 1 X-coin equals 1 RUB Terms of use

Terms of use

One X-Coin equals EUR 1 for any purchase at X-WATERS


X-Coins Terms of Use

1. One X-Coin equals EUR 1 for any purchase at X-WATERS.

2. X-Coins can be used for any purchase at including swim slots, additional options, goods etc.

3. If you don't have enough X-Coins you can pay the rest of the sum in EUR using your credit card. If you have more X-Coins than you need for the purchase, the rest will be kept on your account.

4. X-Coins are loyalty points which are not any currency. They can't be exchanged for money or paid out in cash.

5. X-Coins can not expire and have no validity period, they will be kept on your account until you spend them.