Review of the week: my first Fortress

After watching the promotional video from the swim, I was already entering my bank card details for payment. Only a week later I realized that I had never swum such a distance with a pure crawl without switching to a breaststroke. And at that moment I said to myself: «Vania, are you going to swim there breaststroke? Do not embarrass yourself! Sit better at home then!» Then I went to the pool to try to swim the maximum distance without stopping. 1500 went quite easily, it was all about my psychological barrier.

And here I am at the start, a slight excitement and euphoria of anticipation gave exactly what I wanted — the emotions! There is a thrill in the competition.

The first 350m were tight, but I had to endure and swim.
There was counter current, but it wasn’t strong. The crowd stretched a little, the swim became calmer, but then a new misfortune came — WEED. I hate them so much! You can ask my friends how I yell when they touch me. I pulled myself together and tried to enjoy the view and the Spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. A man next to me swam about my pace, we tickled each other heels in turn. I laughed, what about him — I don’t know!

When leaving the Neva, I swam 50 meters only in WEED, I doubt there was water there at all! Just like in a seaweed salad. Swimming in the Neva River was cool, I enjoyed it. View to the right — fortress, view to the left — Palace Embankment, the current was fair and I could see the finish 😍
I had pants full of happiness, or rather my swimsuit full of joy. I am satisfied with the process, satisfied with the challenge accepted, and pleased with my result: 2300m in 41:47, and I have set a goal to swim out of 45.



Ivan Zolotov

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