Gadgets for swimming - goggles just like the Terminator has!

Augmented reality right during swimming is a very unusual idea for a swimmer. Form has developed special goggles for swimmers that show time and other useful information during swimming workouts.

Form Swim Goggles were developed by engineer Dan Eisenhardt with the direct participation of leading athletes and their mentors, participants in the Olympic Games. They are equipped with a transparent augmented reality display Form Swim Goggles, which constantly informs the athlete about his performance during the swim: shows distance, time, number and pace of strokes.

Swim Goggles are equipped with a transparent display (can be mounted on the right or left lens), which displays the necessary information during training: the number of pools done, lap time, number of strokes, total distance, calories burned, etc. A small block located to the side of the right lens is responsible for processing and showing the information. In the same unit contains the battery, which provides for up to 16 hours of operation of smart gogles.

Smart goggles are very light, and therefore do not create any discomfort for the swimmer, unlike smart watches, for example. Moreover, it is much more convenient for an athlete to see the necessary indicators immediately in front of him rather than to be distracted by his wrist. Before training, configure your Swim Goggles by choosing the size of the pool and the type of training. Two buttons help to navigate the menu. The goggles have a special coating against fogging.

Swim Goggles also have a companion app available for iOS and Android devices. There you can see detailed statistics of your workouts, as well as compare performance with your friends. Integration with Strava and TrainingPeaks and data from Garmin Connect are also available.

Video about goggles is here

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