Useful apps for swimmers

Having a mobile app for any life situation is very convenient!
We decided to start searching for the most popular and useful apps for swimmers and will regularly update the list. Different operating systems, different languages – so everyone will find something useful. Download and enjoy!

Swimming standards, records  — your personal motivator in the world of swimming

Want to know how fast you need to swim to get an athletic title? Download the app and here you will find data on standards for both pool and open water. Also, this app allows you to compare your results with the records of swimming champions.

App Features:

  • view athletic titles and ranks of swimmers;
  • titles and ranks are divided by swimming styles and distances;
  • the guide includes all swimming styles
  • continuous monitoring of changes in regulatory standards.

Price: free. in-app purchases
Operating system: iOS 11.0 and above, Android
Available language: English, Russian
Suitable for: swimmers of any skill level

Swim Coach Plus is your personal videographer coach

Swim Coach Plus is a personal coach, a motivator and a good friend in one bottle! The application monitors progress in training, helps working on the technique of swimming, and also allows you to make video records of your lessons. Through video reports, coaches can provide swimmers with timely feedback. The video coach recognizes crawl, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and backstroke. Videos help you compare your technique with the world record holders.

Swim Coach Plus Features:

  • 11 videos with world champions to compare results
  • HD video slow motion recording
  • video display in 2 frames for comparison
  • possibility to select video quality;
  • voice and text comments recording;
  • renaming, cropping, deleting video clips;
  • sending video clips by mail or to cloud storage.

Price: 229 rubles — App Store, 50 rubles — Play Market
Operating system: iOS 10.0 and above, Android 4.2 and above
Available language: English
Suitable for: newbies

Swim Speeds — workout planner

Making a workout plan for the next few weeks and get tired of writing data in different places? We’ve got a great news: Swim Speeds helps you plan your next workout based on your fitness. The application will calculate the pace, time, distance and speed: your task is to stick to the plan and achieve results!

Swim Speeds Features:

  • analysis of time, pace, distance and swimming speed;
  • calculation of calories burned;
  • history and schedule of classes;
  • journal for tracking workout results.

Price: free. in-app purchases
Operating system: IOS 9.0
Synchronization: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Available language: English
Suitable for: swimmers of any skill level

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