5 incredible Instagram travel accounts

It is no secret that we simply cannot live without travel, and we also love and know how to tell about them. We want to inspire you to travel and recommend 5 travel accounts for binge reading.

Photographers and journalists, writers and business consultants — all of these people have one thing in common: passion for travel. And they stopped dreaming, and began to act! Read the selection, which will be extended, in our magazine.


Kirsten Alana, travel blogger from New York. In 2009, she quit her job as a wedding photographer and went flying in a balloon over Melbourne. Now she travels a lot and tells about her travel in her posts.


Brendan Van Son, writer and photographer. In 2008, he received a degree in geography and decided that office work was not for him. Over the years of travel, he visited more than 80 countries. He collaborates with the BBC, National Geographic Traveler and The Guardian.


Foster Huntington, photographer. In 2011, he quit his job at Ralph Lauren and bought a camper van. From his travel photo reports on North America, he compiled a book entitled «Home is Where You Park It». And in 2012 he made a trip to Kamchatka!


Matthew Carsten, blogger from Miami. Once he quit his job as a business consultant and went to eat fried scorpions and drive his bike. He was formerly famous as the master of the craziest selfies, and now he travels around the world with his family.


Callum Snape, Vancouver photographer. His main passion is mountains. Therefore, if your motto is «only mountains can be better than mountains,» you must follow him. He devotes all his free time to climbing, and this can be immediately seen in his inspiring instagram.

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