Whom to follow - Russian edition

We continue the selection of cool Instagram travel accounts, and this time we have travelers from Russia and the CIS. Even if they write in Russian, the pictures are simply amazing! The list will be extended, we will tell about updates in our newsletter, so stay tuned!

The traveler from Perm, Elnar Mansurov, traveled around the world having visited all continents, from the DPRK and Yemen to Antarctica and Alaska. On his Instagram, Elnar appears to readers in the image of a polar bear and shares secrets from his travels.


First, Nastya went as a volunteer to a surf camp for children from poor areas in South Africa, and then moved to Africa.


Vitaly Raskalov, photographer, blogger and roofer from Moscow. By the age of 22, he visited high-rise buildings around the world — from Cologne Cathedral to Cheops Pyramid. Often risking his life and freedom, because he ironically calls himself «still alive Raskalov».


Julia Savitskaya, a blogger and journalist from Kiev. She left her job at Dior boutique, bought a ticket to Nepal and started a new life. In Kathmandu she met Anton Gurakov from Kiev. Now they live and travel together. They’ve founded a company Girls in travel and organize travel girls nights.


Russian photographer Andrei Belavin, the author of the most bewitching travel blog in Russia.

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