Becoming an ice swimmer, or how I participated in a swim in Teriberka

Swimming coach Natalya Vasilieva @vasileva_swimming is actively preparing for the X-WATERS Arctic 2020 no matter what!

As we promised, we publish a detailed story by Natalia about participating in the X-WATERS Arctic 2018 — about a trip by car to the Edge of the Earth, love for the North and becoming an ice swimmer.

Arctic! AAAArctic! When I heard about this swim on the edge of the Earth, I realized — I NEED it!

I need to go there because I have never been at the edge of the world!

I need to go there because it is cold there, and I get cold easily!

I need to go there because my students would be proud of me!

I need to go there!

Of course, I went by car 2,000 km. Only moving by car can we understand how vast our country is. I fell in love with Teriberka immediately, starting with the signage on the highway and the hostel. Everything is very organic with nature, people, and water. The wind, the sun, which does not go below the horizon, the tides… something you can’t forget.

On the eve of the start, there was a control swim, 200 meters with heart rate and blood pressure measurement. The face is cold and hot in the water at the same time, at the briefing they told us what to do with the face, body and head in cold water. The organizers even suggested refreshing the multiplication table as they will ask it during the swim. Ah, well, everything is clear, I thought. You can multiply — you can think. But no, I was mistaken.

Everything was standard at the briefing, once again they explained where to swim, how to complain, how to boast. We were taken to the start. And next to me there was a guy without a wetsuit, only swimming trunks, a helmet, a cap, and glasses. Whaaaaat? Is that real? A mile in ice water! Apparently, it was the time when it dawned on me that I also wanted it that way, but I’ll tell more later. We swam and after 30 minutes I didn’t feel well, the boat with organizers came closer and the asked me to multiply seven by eight. And I know the result but I can’t say it, my lips don’t work. I was cold, but I felt great.

Thoughts were different — never again, no swimming, I will only run, but when they met me at the finish and handed me a medal it turned out that I was the first! Well then, okay, I will continue to swim.

These emotions, these impressions, these sensations! This is something that is always in my heart and will always bring a smile to my lips. That was in 2018!

Now it’s 2020, I became an ice swimmer. I participate in competitions in cold sports swimming (this is only a swimsuit, cap and glasses). Water temperature is 0 degrees!!! Can be +3 though.

I’m getting ready to swim X-WATERS Arctic 2020 1km without a wetsuit. Time to swim!

P.S. And this year I started my open water season on March 14th.

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