“I’ve heard that Volga is the fast flowing river and it scares me!”. Answers to popular questions about the X-WATERS Volga 2019 swim

Meanwhile we keep on answering your questions. Today it will be the most common question about X-WATERS Volga 2019 swim.


What can we expect from the current on the Volga?

Volga River’s flow may be different and it changes from year to year! The best conditions our participants had in 2016 and 2018. The River’s flow was very fast in 2017, but that seemed to be the exception rather than the rule.

We test every route a few days before start date! A plan of navigation and safety in each case will be arranged according to our experience.

Actual information about routes will be announced at the pre-start briefing. That’s why the pre-start briefing is so important! It’s impossible to predict what Volga River will be like in summer of 2019! But you will definitely experience an unforgettable and unique adventure!


How to choose a distance at X-WATERS Volga 2019, if you’re new?

Answer: 1 km or 3 km.

But! If you are not ready to jump in immediately and swim really hard, 1 km distance might be a challenging test for you. It’s all about the current which becomes stronger when approaching the finish line. Be ready to go up and diagonally against the current to hit the finish line when necessary.

But if you need time to adapt, 3 km distance is perfect for you. Do not be afraid of the length, during the first part you will go with the current. And when the time comes for hard work, you will be ready.

Find a detailed description of the distances at the swim page:


1200 swimmers are already in! Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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