Hard Test on Lake Sevan

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X-WATERS Sevan 2019 was a rather tough test for me. Five days of training, Sevan was showing its azure smooth surface, and on the day of the competition it changed the mood…

I swam the nautical mile (1850 meters). Not swimming 6 km this season was my difficult, but sound and balanced decision.

The mile started in calm water. Sevan is huge, and in different parts it behaves differently. I was breathing fine, saving energy and keeping my pace, as our coaches taught us. When a quarter of the distance was behind, the head wave appeared. Now I know what it is! The wave hits you in the face, throws you up as on a trampoline, or suddenly covers from above. There is no rhythm that can be adjusted to

In such situations, in addition to your technical skills, you need endurance, which I obviously lacked, and psychological endurance is very necessary. I’ve covered the whole distance. In the first half of the finishers. 20th among women, with 42:36 result.

I met Sevan for the first time, and now I know that this is a lake with a character. And in my sporting collection there is one more medal and invaluable experience of a battle against the water elements that cannot be obtained in the pool!

by Elena Balburova

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