"Alena will show!": Perfecting your balance and flexibility

Alyona @alenagrowup, coach, master of sports in swimming and X-WATERS ambassador, continues our regular column and trains with you at home. Specially for X-WATERS and with particular diligence for you, swimmers!

💪In this issue, Alena will show you some exercises for balance that is so important for crawl stroke. A sense of balance is important for controlling your body in water, coordinating movements, controlling stroke power, sliding on the surface of the water and, consequently, increasing your swimming speed. But before training, take the flexibility test 🙂

Alenagrowup — coach, master of sports in swimming and ambassador of X-WATERS, will show you some balance exercises. Balance is an important thing in crawl swimming. First, we will conduct a flexibility test.

Starting position: stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms to the sides parallel to the floor and now start slowly raising your hands towards yourself. Have you felt tension from the tips of your middle fingers to your shoulder blades? It means that you have something to work on!

Before you start, don’t forget the warm up from the first video. I hope you have already seen it.

Starting position: we get up straight; reach the left arm up, the right one along the torso and begin to tilt our body slowly forward, while lifting the right leg off the floor. Keep your pelvis straight. Our body works like scales in this position. On one bowl is our hand, and on the other is our foot. Our task is for the «scales» to achieve balance, and that our body resembled the letter «T».

We hold this position from 10 to 30 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. We repeat the same thing, reaching the right arm up and raising the left leg.

At first, you can perform this exercise by tilting your body forward before stretching your leg and arm.

Then, we repeat the exercise «scales», but this time we tilt to the side. Stand straight, reach your left arm up and your right along the torso and slowly begin to tilt your body to the left while lifting your right leg. The main thing is to keep a straight line from the tips of the fingers of an outstretched hand to the tips of the fingers of a raised leg. Remember that our body is like scales; our task is to reach the maximum point of possible tilt and hold this position from 10 to 30 seconds.
Repeat same thing the other way.

Our goal is an angle of 90 degrees, but you can start with 30 and 45 degrees. All individually. Listen to your body.

And the last one. Starting position kneeling, push over on the floor on straight arms. Look down and forward. With a simultaneous movement, we begin to lift the left arm and right leg off the floor. Toes are pointed. Don’t twist pelvis. Our task is to stretch out in a straight line parallel to the floor and hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other hand and foot.
Perform each exercise in at least three approaches.
Be sure to include this complex in your training plan.

Next video will be no less interesting. Write your opinion and train with the X-WATERS team!

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