Do not forget to breathe!

Your respiratory muscles are just another muscle group. Once the boxer’s arms or runner’s legs are too tired, their performance drops. The same thing happens when we can’t catch our breath. More about swimming gadgets.

Today, we are telling you about a new special Airofit gadget and the application that train your respiratory muscles and make them stronger and more efficient, which allows you to get better results. Anyone can and should use it — from Olympic athletes to amateurs who simply want to become the best versions of their current self.

Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles — primarily the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. This causes fatigue, which is then overcompensated by muscle tissue growth, making your breathing muscles faster, stronger and more efficient — just like any other muscle group.  Of all the body’s muscle groups, the ones with the power to make a fast difference for performance are the respiratory muscles — simply because we usually don’t train them.

Together with breathing experts they have developed a range of breathing exercises that focus on different areas of your breathing to ensure you are able to unlock your full physical potential. 

Having to gasp for air happens because our respiratory muscles get tired — your lungs don’t suck air in by themselves. Once muscles tire, we lose control over them. Loss of control over breathing muscles means we breathe less. When we breathe less, the rest of our muscles get less oxygen. Less oxygen leads to worse performance.

Training the strength of your respiratory muscles makes them faster, stronger, and more efficient, which allows you to perform better.

Improved respiratory strength

Stronger breathing muscles enable athletes on all levels to improve their performance in high intensity, as well as in endurance sports. Focusing on your breathing muscles, primarily the diaphragm, prolongs the time until they fatigue, and thereby prolonging oxygen supply to muscles used during exercise.

Increased vital capacity

Airofit improves your Vital Capacity, which is the actual amount of air you can get in and out of your lungs. Stretching your diaphragm and intercostal muscles allows you to decrease the residual volume and increase the amount of usable air. This, of course, is interesting for athletes, as well as patients with asthma or COPD.

Boosted anaerobic threshold

To work harder, our muscles require more energy than can be produced using oxygen. Our bodies cannot supply enough oxygen for such high performance. Getting your muscles used to an oxygenless environment ensures prolonged ability to perform at high intensities for longer periods.


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