"Alena will show!": exercises for swimmers on the couch

Alena @alenagrowup, coach, master of sports in swimming and X-WATERS ambassador, continues our regular column «Alena will show!» and exercises with you at home. Specially for X-WATERS and with particular diligence for you, swimmers!

💪In this issue, Alena will show exercises for those who are already tired of exercising and started to gradually degrade during the great quarantine. You can do these exercises on the couch!

Let’s get started! Rotate your head, 10 times in one direction and 10 — in the other. Try to relax and lower the shoulders, and touch the chest with the chin.

Further, without changing the position, do shoulder circle. Try to squeeze the shoulder blades together and round your back. 10 times forward and 10 times backward.

Great! Now a simple exercise. Put your left arm over your head to the right, while bending at the waist. Return to the starting position and repeat with the right arm. Our goal is to try to reach the crisps on the plate, or the floor, or the sofa with your working arm.

Next, stretch your legs forward and begin to work with your feet. Point your toes and then tilt them towards you. The back is straight, support on straight arms behind the back.

Next, repeat the same thing but do different movement for each foot. Add circular rotations inside out and vice versa.

Brain development exercise. Work only with your big toes. Relax your feet and legs, and try to tilt the big toe forward and towards yourself. First do the same movement for both feet, then do different movements for each foot. Next, simply work fingers forward and back.

Finish the exercise with a yoga pose, hold your feet with your hands and round your back like a cat. When you inhale, tilt in the opposite direction, lower your shoulders, you can also throw your head back. Exhale at the end point.

Such a complex of lazy exercises for those who are already tired of developing. But I wish you to join the X-WATERS team and continue your training! After all, soon it will all be over and we will meet together at X-WATERS series swims!


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