Going to land

Dry swimming will not replace the pool. But nevertheless, it is an important part of training. If everything works out on land, you just have to practice your super skill in water. We will explain and show you today the Blackburn exercise with comments by Alina Mikryukova.

 Strong arms and shoulders e are a guarantee of good speed for any swimmer. They bear the load during training. Talking about activities outside the pool, dry training is no less important in your program and it also needs time. It will facilitate the development and improvement of swimming skills, and also prevent injuries.

To increase speed and reduce muscle fever, it is recommended to perform additional sets of exercises; and Blackburn exercises are just what you need. They are good for repairing and leveling muscle imbalances in shoulders. These exercises are aimed at the prevention of injuries and healing of shoulder rotator cuff. Also, this exercise improves the stability of shoulder blades, which allows the transfer of muscle effort to arms and reduces the risk of shoulder injury.

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