For those who develop: developing strength and endurance

Alena @alenagrowup, coach, master of sports in swimming and X-WATERS ambassador, continues our regular column Alena will show! and exercises with you at home. Specially for X-WATERS and with particular diligence for you, swimmers!

💪In this issue, Alena will show you a set of exercises for developing strength and endurance in your body, as well as several exercises for developing your brain and logical thinking.

For the first exercise, we need a fitball, or any other soft and low surface such as a sofa or bed.

Starting position: upperarm rest under the chest, raise your knees and body, throw your legs on the fitball. Check the even position of your body, 90 degrees angles and catch the balance. Start crawl stroke with your legs gradually increasing the intensity. 3 sets, 10-45 seconds each.

Next: Starting position: sit down on the mat, stretch your legs, toe pointed, stretch your arms forward parallel to the floor and do flutter kicks with arms and legs working simultaneously criss-cross. 3 sets, 10-30 seconds each.

Next, we work in turns, engaging arms or legs moving up and down. 3 sets, 10-30 seconds each.

And now the fun part! Exercise for the development of both hemispheres of your brain. Now we’ll try to combine these two exercises. First, the arms go criss-cross, and the legs go up and down, and then the arms go up and down and the legs go criss-cross.

Here is such a simple set of exercises for your logic and development of both hemispheres of your brain. Tell us in comments if you managed to do that! Exercise with the X-WATERS team!


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