"Winter swimming? No way!" - how a swim in the Arctic Ocean can change you

Swimming coach Natalya Vasilieva @vasileva_swimming is actively preparing for the X-WATERS Arctic 2020 ссылка no matter what! She has already opened her swimming season.

Read our magazine to learn how Natalia started preparing for swimming in cold water. And in the next issue, she will talk in detail about her participation in the X-WATERS Arctic 2018, her victory and new preparations for 1 kilometer in the Arctic Ocean (without a wetsuit!).

If a year ago I was told that I would swim in ice water, not run in and jump out, but swim, I would have said, «Guys! You…..! No!» Although I always swim at least a little in all the waters around the world, but only for the sake of a spectacular video!

You know, my first essential for all competitions, camps or trips is a hot-water bottle, and only then come swimwear, ropes, etc. At home, in my summer cottage, at my friend’s place where I go to pick mushrooms and even in my car — I’ve got an electric sheet. I’m always cold!

And now I go to winter swimming competitions. So far, my maximum for today is 200 meters freestyle. And yes, I’m still sleeping on an electric sheet! I do not believe my eyes when I watch videos from the swims! I am absolutely happy!

And, yes, I do not overcome myself, I just swim and burn myself with ice water! Exercise well, and swim!


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